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Masson Marine Gearboxes Sales and Service in UAE

Masson Marine Gearboxes Sales and Service in UAE

Turbomot Marine Engineering LLC provides all kinds of Masson Marine Gearboxes Sales and Service in UAE as well as in the Middle East.

Masson Marine – France: Sales and after sales product support in the Middle East.

Masson-Marine products equip all kinds of vessels in work applications, such as barges, fishing boats, naval ships, supply vessels, ferries, life boats, pilot boats. Power ranges from 300 kW to 10,000 kW, with reduction ratios as high as 14, and propeller diameters up to 5 metres.

Countless possibilities of adaptation and of life and clutch-controlled PTO attachments make Masson-Marine the one comprehensive solution for your marine propulsion system.

Masson-Marine are able to offer you complete propulsion solutions, not only for the propulsion of the ship itself, through controllable pitch propellers (CPP), fixed pitch propellers, or POD-drives, but for driving pumps and generators, too, and all other auxiliary equipment (winches, compressors, etc.) as required.

The Masson-Marine design department is equally able to supply a full propulsion package, thus facilitating the job of all parties, engine manufacturers and shipyards included – be it for new shipbuilding projects, repowering jobs or repair.

All our transmissions can be adapted to CPP, i.e. be built as non-reversing clutch/de-clutch transmissions. 

Optional Equipments:

  • Pump connections with SAE standard flanges
  • Pump assemblies

Propeller And Propulsion

Masson-Marine designs, build, and install the entire system constituting the propeller and its “carrier”. The unit includes the propeller shaft, the nozzle (if applicable), as well as the stern tube. We also realize the complete assembly that is dedicated to the connection to the gearbox.  

Controllable Pitch Propeller

Masson-Marine offers a range of controllable pitch propellers for professional applications and continuous operation.

We have inherited this activity from France H?lices. In fact, MM took over their activity in this area. In order to provide better service to our clients, and to extend our business, we maintain permanent efforts in research and development of our systems, thanks to our design department. Each project and every order undergoes a comprehensive case-specific study. 

Masson-Marine Offer Two Types Of CPP Design

MMI (Masson-Marine Integrated): the servo cylinder controlling the blade pitch angle of the propeller is integrated into the hub. The advantage of this system is that power is transmitted to the blades through hydraulic pressure lines. This avoids the high amount of strain put on the control rod used in the MMS system. As such, this arrangement is most suitable for propellers that transmit high power. Since our propellers are provided with a leak detection device, damage does not necessarily mean dry-docking of the ship.

MMS (Masson-Marine Separated): the servo cylinder controlling the blade angle is located inboard. The advantage of this system is that maintenance operations do not require the dry-docking of the ship.

Fixed Pitch Propeller: We design and build fixed pitch propellers and all their equipment. Here are the main dimensions of the available models.

Nozzles Boost Performances

Masson-Marine are able to provide nozzles fitting their range of both fixed pitch and controllable pitch propellers. Using a nozzle can increase the propeller thrust by around 20 %.

Marine Propulsion Engineering

The major task of Masson-Marine Engineering is to provide clients with a complete marine propulsion system, tailor-made to meet demand in the best possible way.

From the first step of the project, Masson-Marine Engineering will guide the client along towards the best solution for his propulsion system, in both diesel-mechanic and diesel-electric drive applications.

  • Transmissions with single input, single output shafts, vertically offset or coaxial.
  • Transmissions with dual input, single output
  • Input and/or output drive power take-off units
  • Fixed pitch propellers and Controllable pitch propellers
  • Stern tube assemblies, oil or water lubricated
  • Nozzle
  • Remote control

Masson Marine Gearboxes Sales and Service in UAE

Turbomot Marine Engineering LLC provides all kinds of Masson Marine Gearboxes Sales and Service in UAE as well as in the Middle East.
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