SANISHREDDER comes from the idea to provide a simple device capable of minimizing the overall dimensions and stabilize the microbial components of the accumulated waste.

Sanishredder (SSH130) is a multi-purpose machinery able to reduce the volume and the weight of various type of waste such as Food waste, Glass; Plastic; Cardboard; Metallic and alloy cans, and it is also able to reduce the weight, dry and sanitize the Wet and Unsorted Waste.

The research, in collaboration with universities and with leading engineering, led to a growth in constant evolution, which led the company to become a leader in the manufacture of equipment with “Vacuum” technology .

SANITRADE caters to every industry, be it civil, naval and rail, requiring the use of equipment and systems for specific problem-solving sanitation.


  • single point of contact for the entire cycle of waste and wastewater collection and treatment.
  • promotion, sales, distribution, after-sales service system that distributes.
  • design and construction of plants or “special pieces” based on specific customer requirements.
  • efficient logistics and extensive sales network.
  • highly qualified personnel for the installation and technical support.
  • large and stocked warehouse that allows timely customer service with final delivery of components and spare parts required.
  • Quality: All systems and components produced or distributed by the company are manufactured under quality control. ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Specialized Marine Services & Servicing Of:...

  • Engines

  • Turbochargers

  • Waterjet Propulsion Systems

  • Propulsions

  • Generators

  • Shafting And Propellers

  • Specialized Underwater Repairs

  • Transmissions

  • Controls

Sales of all Marine parts

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