Protea boasts of its knowledge based on pure research to be technically and scientifically solve all problems of odors, bacteria, mites, viruses etc. Protea Services established in 2013 is entirely dedicated to the remediation of boats and its mechanical and scientific cleaning with ozone based tools and products. The extensive research and development is done keeping in view the specific needs of the marine community and is entirely based on inspections, laboratory analysis, and painstaking evaluation.

Protea has specific solutions for the marine industry which are devised in a unique manner for the following applications:

  • treatment of AHU and fan coils.
  • continuous remediation of ships/boats bilges.
  • maintenance of healthy cabin environment
  • special treatments for galleys/ pantries/ kitchens, etc.

Specialized Marine Services & Servicing Of:...

  • Engines

  • Turbochargers

  • Waterjet Propulsion Systems

  • Propulsions

  • Generators

  • Shafting And Propellers

  • Specialized Underwater Repairs

  • Transmissions

  • Controls

Sales of all Marine parts

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