Lower fuel consumption reduces costs

You can count on MAN. Fuel is a critical element of your total costs: The economy of our high-quality engines is guaranteed by the lowest consumption in their class. Low maintenance and spare parts costs, high operating times, and a long service life make another important contribution to your profitability analysis. MAN engines are at the same time also a decision to opt for responsibility: Compliance with all applicable exhaust-gas standards contributes sustainable to environmental protection.

Lower fuel consumption reduces costs

MAN engines are the propulsive force in commercial shipping – for economic success on ferries and fishing vessels, as well as for the safety and life of people on lifeboats and police boats. In addition to the pulling power, dependability also plays a fundamental role here. MAN engines deliver maximum efficiency at maximum torque, and always provide their service at the same time as you. The give you the assurance of being able to carry out your work reliably. So that others can also count on you.

Compact design with high performance

Space is money. Their compact design allows our engines to create more useful area on board. This enables load optimization, and better accessibility makes work easier in the engine room. But the slim design does not mean any compromise in performance. Of course you can demand full power from MAN engines at all times.

Low power/weight ratio

The weight of the engine has critical economic importance especially in boat building. It allows greater cargo. And this with a high performance and pulling power. In their class, MAN engines are leaders for high performance at low weight. And even in the high speed range, the ride quality is always low-vibration and quiet. This supports safe and ergonomic work, and assures use in all sea swells.

Efficient service

Reliable support to engines is our concern. A specialized high-density marine service network guarantees smooth supply in all urban areas. Our worldwide availability gives you the security of also being supplied with spare parts readily and quickly. MAN is a reliable partner for you at all times, and also particularly after the purchase.

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